Reactions to Stalia.
Reactions to Stalia.

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Just a neutral question; why do you dislike Stalia ?


It’s not just Stalia. It’s Malia. Shelley is not a good actress and tbh I find Malia dull, boring and extremely repetitious. Her development is non-existent. She exists purely for romance when she had amazing potential. I don’t know if it’s bad writing or bad acting or a combination of both but I just don’t find Malia relatable. Therefore I have no desire to see her on screen. Especially when there’s 5-6 other cast members who are quite literally cast aside and get little to no screen time. She is actually shoved down the audiences throat and you’re either drinking her kool-aid or you’re not.

My reasons for not liking Malia are solely based on my lack of interest in her. Had the writers actually taken the time and showed us her “progress” I could attempt to give a fuck about her. But the thing is I don’t. and Stiles being a favourite of mine since 2011, I feel that this relationship is well… cheap and contrived. He deserves better. And Dylan deserves a better storyline.


looking back over season 4 trying to comprehend things like



Tumblr: Hey you, here’s a blog. Look at this gif of Stalia kissing that they posted. Wanna follow?


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#14, sterek, please




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magic bullet + cyan

How the hell are we in this place? You’re asking me? A year ago I never even touched a sword!

You could be the moon.
    You could be the harbour I arrive to.


"Is there any reason I am the King?

"You need an Anchor, someone who keeps you human. Someone who can bring you back."